The Future of X-Artificial
Intelligence yearn Finance

XAI-YFI (X-Artificial Intelligence yearn Finance).

X is a Mathematical solvency with Artificial intelligence to perform the yield in a decentralised platform to benefit the users with financial freedom with passive income. Not only Yield and also to be user friendly within the crypto space to have more utility to make it a one stop solution.

The Future of X-Artificial Intelligence yearn Finance is a Web3 revolution driven by XAI such as blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybernetic reality and augmented reality.

About Us

What is XAI-YFI?

XAI-YFI is not a fork of YFI but it is beyond the Yearn Finance which has more utility that wants to build for the Crypto community. X is maths cracked with Artificial Intelligence to find a solution in Yield Farming to benefit the crypto community hassle free and to earn while they sleep.XAI_YFI is one stop solution for the crypto space to benefit the users with the maximum utility.


Own Blockchain


Q4-2022 & Q1-2023

  • Research & Development
  • Labs & Team Form
  • Exhibitions & Meetings.


  • Project creation and Objective, purpose and delivering the explicit product.
  • Blockchain assessment
  • Construction Logo, Project Naming, Tokonomics, Contract Creation, website
  • Social media, marketing & network
  • Aduits


  • Project Launch though pink-sale.
  • Assessment & Development Phase.
  • Rising the community, marketing phase
  • More Dex & Cex Lisitng.


  • Staking & Farming
  • Gaming
  • Lottery
  • Dubai Future Blockchain Summit 2023 - meetings and research development.
  • Dubai International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies ICBC on November 08-09, 2023 - meetings and research development

Q1, Q2 & Q3-2024

  • Own Blockchain, DAO governance, Hardfork
  • NFT- AI Tech
  • Web3 wallet, App, Manage asset, swap & Bridge.
  • XAI- YFI Brower, Extension, Software packs, alerts
  • X maths =>Artificial Intelligence=>solution=>Yield Farming


XAIYFI token is placed as a forward-thinking in Crypto Space with stimulating plans for upcoming applications. Outside its present role in transactions, XAIYFI visualizes incorporation into decentralized finance (DeFi) systems and facilitating seamless cross-border payments. These expansion goals highlight XAIYFI token's adaptability and potential to make a lasting impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Some of those plans are as follows:

Swap, Farm, Bridge, Games & Staking program

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, we're thrilled to share our plans for innovative Swap, Farm, Bridge, Games & Staking programs. These programs will provide our token holders fresh opportunities to engage with the XAIYFI ecosystem. By participating in these Swap, Farm, Bridge, Games & Staking programs initiatives, users can both earn rewards for their active involvement and contribute to the growth and vibrancy of our community. Our approach to these programs underscores our dedication to creating value and cultivating an ecosystem that benefits all holders. Stay tuned for more details on how you can take part in these ground-breaking Swap, Farm, Bridge, Games & Staking programs.

Real world utility

Looking ahead, we're actively pursuing real-world utility for the XAIYFI token, aiming to introduce diverse avenues for passive income. Our vision includes forging partnerships and collaborations that bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and practical applications. By bringing the XAIYFI token into tangible use cases, we're opening doors for token holders to earn passive income while contributing to real-world solutions. This strategic approach aligns with our commitment to innovation and sustainability, enhancing the value proposition of XAIYFI and offering our community more ways to benefit from their participation. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting developments as we pave the way for a new era of utility and passive income possibilities.

Own Blockchain

X-Artificial Intelligence yearn Finance will Interface own blockchain removing intermediary organizations forming an immutable ledger with transparency, security & reliability.X-Artificial Intelligence yearn Finance will have its own blockchain developed:

  • Cryptographic hash and digital signature.
  • Immutable ledger.
  • P2P network.
  • Consensus algorithm ( PoW, PoS, PBFT, ETc…).
  • Block validation ( Mining, Forging, etc…).
  • Web3 wallet, App, Manage asset, swap & Bridge.


Contract address:


Total Supply:

The token supply of X-Artificial Intelligence yearn Finance is 30000 XAIYFI. Deflationary with Buy Back and Burn that will periodically Buy Back and Sent to dead wallet address.

Tax distribution:

Auto Lp -1%
Auto Reflection- 1% (BUSD)
Buyback &  Burn-1%
Charity/ marketing wallet-1%
Tax- 4/4

XAI-YFI 2023